Happy Birthday Crazy Brother Wishes

Modified: November 25, 2021, Published: July 29, 2020

In the realm of sibling relationships, having a crazy brother is like possessing a secret source of endless laughter, unforgettable adventures, and boundless love. As his birthday approaches, it’s the perfect opportunity to celebrate his unique spirit and the delightful chaos he brings into your life. This collection of Happy Birthday Crazy Brother Wishes is a playful and affectionate tribute to the brother who adds an extra dose of excitement and laughter to every moment. Within this compilation, you’ll find an array of wishes that mirror the dynamic and vibrant bond shared with a crazy brother. From humorous messages that tease his quirks to heartfelt words that convey the depth of your love, these wishes capture the essence of the unforgettable journey you’ve embarked on together.

Happy birthday to the brother who turns every ordinary day into an adventure! Here’s to embracing the craziness and making memories that will last a lifetime.

To my favorite partner-in-crime, happy birthday! You’ve always been the life of the party, and I’m grateful for all the crazy escapades we’ve had together.

Wishing a wild and wonderful birthday to my crazy brother! Your unique spirit and infectious laughter make every moment unforgettable.

Happy birthday to the one who never fails to bring laughter and chaos into our lives. May your day be as wild and exciting as you are!

To the brother who’s a tornado of fun and excitement, happy birthday! Here’s to embracing the chaos and enjoying every crazy moment.

Wishing you a birthday filled with laughter, unexpected surprises, and all the craziness that makes you the incredible brother you are.

Happy birthday to the brother who’s never afraid to dance to the beat of his own drum. May your day be as crazy and awesome as you!

To my partner in mischief, happy birthday! Your crazy ideas and fearless spirit have turned our lives into an amazing adventure.

Wishing a birthday that’s as vibrant and unpredictable as the whirlwind of excitement you bring into our lives, dear brother.

Happy birthday to the brother who’s a constant reminder that life is meant to be lived to the fullest. Here’s to embracing the chaos and making every moment count.

To the one who adds a dash of craziness to every family gathering, happy birthday! Your unique energy and infectious laughter light up our lives.

Wishing a day filled with fun, laughter, and all the craziness that makes you the amazing brother you are. May your birthday be as lively as your spirit!

Happy birthday to the brother who’s a true free spirit and a source of endless laughter. Your crazy antics always brighten up our days.

To my fearless and fun-loving brother, happy birthday! May your day be a whirlwind of joy, excitement, and all the wild moments you deserve.

Wishing a birthday that’s as energetic and full of life as the brother we all adore. Your craziness is truly a gift!

Happy birthday to the brother who’s a master of turning the ordinary into the extraordinary. Here’s to all the crazy and wonderful moments we’ve shared.

To the brother who’s never afraid to break the rules and live life to the fullest, happy birthday! Your spirit is an inspiration to us all.

Wishing a birthday that’s as unpredictable and exciting as your crazy adventures, dear brother. Keep spreading laughter and joy wherever you go!

Happy birthday to the brother who’s the life of every party and the heart of every adventure. May your day be as crazy and fantastic as you are!

To the brother who’s always up for a spontaneous adventure, happy birthday! Your enthusiasm and zest for life are truly contagious.

Wishing you a birthday filled with laughter, surprises, and all the fun that your crazy spirit brings into our lives. Keep being uniquely you!

Happy birthday to the brother who’s a master of creating memories that last a lifetime. Here’s to embracing the chaos and making every moment count.

To the brother who never ceases to amaze us with his crazy antics, happy birthday! May your day be as remarkable and fun-filled as you are.

Wishing a day as wild and wonderful as the brother we’re celebrating. Your craziness is a gift that keeps on giving!

Happy birthday to the brother who’s a constant reminder that life is meant to be lived with passion and excitement. Your craziness is infectious.

To my favorite crazy soul, happy birthday! Your laughter, your spirit, and your uniqueness light up our lives in the most wonderful way.

Wishing a birthday that’s as vibrant and extraordinary as the brother we’re celebrating. Keep shining with your crazy charm!

Happy birthday to the brother who’s never afraid to embrace his quirks and show the world his true colors. Your authenticity is truly inspiring.

To the brother who’s turned our lives into a rollercoaster of laughter and fun, happy birthday! May your day be as exhilarating as your spirit.

Wishing you a birthday filled with endless joy, unforgettable moments, and all the craziness that makes you the awesome brother you are. Keep rocking that unique vibe!

Happy birthday to the brother who proves that life is never boring when you’re around! Here’s to another year of embracing the chaos.

To my partner in crime and the king of crazy, happy birthday! May your day be as wild and fantastic as your adventurous spirit.

Wishing a birthday that’s as colorful and energetic as the crazy brother we’re celebrating. Your zest for life is truly contagious!

Happy birthday to the brother who adds a sprinkle of fun to every gathering and a burst of laughter to every moment. Your craziness is our joy!

To the brother who knows how to turn any situation into a hilarious escapade, happy birthday! Keep spreading laughter and positivity.

Wishing you a birthday filled with surprises, laughter, and all the joy that your crazy antics bring to our lives. You’re a true gem!

Happy birthday to the brother who’s always up for an adventure and never turns down a chance to create unforgettable memories.

To the brother who’s a true firecracker of energy and enthusiasm, happy birthday! May your day be as explosive and vibrant as you are.

Wishing a birthday that’s a whirlwind of fun, excitement, and all the craziness that makes you the incredible brother you are.

Happy birthday to the brother who’s a living proof that life is meant to be lived with passion and a splash of crazy. Here’s to many more wild journeys!

To the brother who can light up a room with his laughter and energy, happy birthday! Your craziness is a beacon of joy.

Wishing a day filled with laughter, silliness, and all the wild moments that make you the remarkable brother you are.

Happy birthday to the brother who’s never met a dull moment and who knows how to turn any day into a carnival of fun.

To the brother whose laughter is contagious and whose energy is infectious, happy birthday! Keep spreading the joy everywhere you go.

Wishing you a birthday that’s as vibrant and lively as the crazy spirit you bring into our lives. Your uniqueness is a gift.

Happy birthday to the brother who’s a master of creating memories that are as wild as they are unforgettable. Keep making life an adventure!

To the brother who’s the life of every party and the heart of every gathering, happy birthday! Your charisma is truly magnetic.

Wishing a day filled with laughter, excitement, and all the fun that your wild and wonderful personality brings to our lives.

Happy birthday to the brother who’s never afraid to express himself and live life to the fullest. Your authenticity is truly admirable.

To the brother who knows how to turn a mundane day into a hilarious tale, happy birthday! Keep being the storyteller of our crazy adventures.

Wishing you a birthday that’s as lively and dynamic as the brother we’re celebrating. Your energy and spirit light up our lives.

Happy birthday to the brother who’s a shining example of how to embrace every moment with enthusiasm and a touch of craziness.

To the brother who’s a constant reminder that life is a grand adventure, happy birthday! May your day be as thrilling as your spirit.

Wishing a birthday that’s as bright and exciting as the crazy brother we’re celebrating. Keep spreading the positive vibes!

A delighted birthday to my handsome brother and the craziest of the family. Hopefully, we could have long years to make silly yet worth-keeping experiences. I’m sure we’ll making out best moments in every single day of our life.

To my silliest bro, you know that I truly love you ever since. Your birthday reminds you that you still have a lot to venture out in life. Wishing you to always enjoy every second of it. Happy birthday.

Hey bro! It’s the craziest day of the year just as how you always are. Surely, this is going to be so joyful and colorful like beaming hues of rainbow, farted by a unicorn. Blast your birthday bro.

Happy birthday bro. You’re getting crazier, the older you become. I always take all the stupid things that we did during our childhood days as my lifetime token. You made me smile everyday. So, take this as my heartfelt gratitude.

Brainy. Funny. Crazy. Good-looking. And most importantly, a brother who is a resemblance of me. Bro, I’m wishing you to have the most epic birthday party in your life. May you always be blessed with abundance of love and joy.

To the craziest and funniest brother in the world deserves a birthday that’s filled with fun. Accept all the gifts coming to your way. But for me, no need. You already had an incredible gift for being your caring brother.

My craziest brother, I’m hoping an incredibly awesome birthday for you. Though it’s kind a funny thought that mom had put so much hard work for this special day of yours, yet we just make it a simply silly party.

Birthday Quotes

To be honest, I’m beyond blessed to have the silliest and funniest brother of my life. It always brings bliss to me, thinking how we have made our ties so strings. Bro, may you have the most awesome of birthdays.

My risibly crazy brother, you’ve already aged on a perfect time. You are mature enough to correct your mistakes, but is still too young to do more and improve better. Happy birthday bro. I expect for beers and cheers.

Finally, you’re 21 already! Now that you’re on the legal age, you can decide and manage things on your own, unlike on your sixteenth. Happy legality my crazy brother. May we could still keep those silly and funny moments we did.

Life isn’t a smooth sailing voyage but gets easier when you have someone whom you can share fun and insanity with. Never been never regretful that you became my brother. Let’s make your birthday crazily awesome, something that’s worth-keeping forever.

Happy Birthday Crazy Sister Wishes

A sage said, Forget what has passed because it will no longer be changed. But for me, Forget what is today and worry nothing. This day is going to be like a year-long merry making for your birthday, crazy brother.

Browsing the Internet for three-hour long may be a tiresome task, but not for searching the best birthday greeting for the craziest brother in the world. Happy brother dude. Wishing you an overflowing blessings in your life. I love you.

I’m searching for the most awesome and inspiring gift for a crazily funny brother like you, but I come to realize that you have the best of gifts on your birthday – my love and presence. Happy birthday, my crime partner.

It’s too funny to think that your maturity never changed despite of the quick fleeting of time. You always keep the craziness and bubbly personality in you. My dearest brother, allow me to greet you my warmest birthday greeting.

140 Happy Birthday Crazy Man Wishes

You requested me for gifts. But, am I not enough to be your most incredible birthday gift? Of course, I am. So, my silly brother, accept my love with pure sincerity. You won’t waste a little of it. Happy birthday.

To the only crazy brother in the family, have a great celebration of your natal day. You’re an amazingly funny brother whom I couldn’t ask and find as exactly the same as you. Happy birthday bro. Always keep yourself humble.

Don’t mind what your age is. Value the most special day that you were born and is still able to blow your candles out. Crazy bro, have the most incredible birthday in your life. May you’ll delight joy and love.

Here’s a crazily fantastic birthday greeting to the silliest and funniest brother of my life. I’m looking forward for more years of jokes, laughter and making ourselves the happiest of all the persons in the world.

Having such a greatly crazy brother, is for me, the most amazing blessing of my life. You always paint a bright smile in my face. And on your birthday, let me be your birthday gift and keep you more joyful.

My cool and crazy brother, I’m wishing your birthday to be as bright as the beaming colors of rainbow; as fun as what we felt in circus; and as crazy as the jumping tipsy fellows in discos. More crazy years.

To the world’s craziest brother and best partner in crimes, may you be blessed with a fantastic birthday and birthday presents that you wished for so long. Don’t mind mine, because me myself is a precious gift solely for you.

Party! Your birthday is going to be the craziest day of the year. It may probably not the day that we share since we were kids, but something we could share each others’ joy, love and fun. Bro, happy birthday.

Bro, I’m hoping your birthday to be as crazy as you. I mean another day-long trip under the heat of the sun. May we could delight more crazy years of fun together. Happy birthday.

Crazy Brother, always remember that you’re worthy to be loved. You got our backs bro. Just keep dreaming and chasing until you’ve turned them into reality. We’ll forever support your aspirations. Happy birthday.

An incredibly awesome birthday to my crazy brother. Without you, my childhood years wouldn’t be as fun-filled as it was. I am hoping we could keep those experiences up and more. And it’ll be great to start on your birthday.

Silly brother, easy-to-get-along buddy and a life’s precious blessing that fused as one. I’m beyond happy when I’m with you because you’re more than what I prayed from above. May you’ll forever be overflowed with abundant love, joy and peace.

Prosperity of love, fun and joy to a brother who never runs out of insanity and stupidity. Let’s make your birthday truly a special one. I mean cheers of beers with our peers. That’s going to be a fun-filled day.

My crazily brilliant brother, we are always giving our full support and love to whatever you’re doing that affects you in a good way. And since it’s your birthday, let us provide you the happiest birthday that you can have.

Congrats bro, you’re already getting older, but crazier. Wish we could bond together for longer years and keep sharing each other’s jokes, fun and insanity until our hairs turned to white. Happy birthday.

Bro, have a natal day that’s spectacular and crazy like you. You’ve been a happy pill to everyone. So, it’s time to let you feel the happiness that you showered to us. It’ll be great to start on your birthday.

My sincerest birthday greeting to the world’s silliest brother. Another more exciting and adventurous journey in your life that’ll surely help you to instill the best person in you. Enjoy each second of bliss that’ll come on your momentous day.

Wishing my crazy bro to have the most spectacular and joyful birthday celebration this year. And also more fun, humor, insanity and blessings that will come along on the following years.

Crazy bro. I know that you already knew that. May we continue to exchange good vibes and the spirit of togetherness despite of our misunderstandings. May the Good Lord give you back the joy that you always radiate. Happy birthday.

So glad to see how far you have became and achieved. My silliest brother, always remember that I always stay behind you, supporting and loving you with pure and utmost sincerity. May you’ll be blessed with a truly happy birthday.

My big, crazy and funny bro, happy birthday. Wishing you an endless joy and peace today and onwards. Always remember that we’ll forever love and care for you. Whatever your aspirations will be, we’ll always be the best support system.

No one can ever take my love away from the craziest brother in the family. Bro, I’m happy seeing you smile and am happier when you share the value of joy to everyone. That makes you distinct. Happy birthday.

Bro, wishing you a birthday that’s crazy as you. I’ve been so thankful to God for your birth because that’s the day when my life started to blossom with colors. You never failed to put smiles in my gloomy face.

A bro, have the most epic birthday this year. You’re already getting old and older I am; but we’re too young to never make some fun. So, we’ll always get to be as crazy as we can be.

Wish you could be close to us so we can celebrate with you on your most special day. Anyways, crazy bro, I’ll always pray for prosperity of blessings, love, joy and peace in your birthday and on the succeeding years.

Crazy bro, I can’t still imagine that we can’t be there for you on your birthday. It’ll be perhaps so enjoying to celebrate your day with us. But, wherever you may be, always strive for excellence and finish your studies.

Giving you my thunder-roaring applause for being such an amazingly crazy and funny brother. Happy birthday. May the life’s toughest challenges be your favor so you could win and achieve all your dreams.

Bro, I miss the mess that we had before. Crazily funny experiences, teasing and fighting each other but always ended up in compromise, peace and love. We’ll continue to keep the craziness in us.

My only silly, yet funny brother, happy birthday. Don’t forget that you never walk on your life’s journey alone. We’re always at your side in every step. Happy birthday.

To the craziest and best brother in the town, in the world rather, happy birthday. May you always instill the value of generosity, humor and love. Bro, don’t change, just improve.

Bro, I miss your craze afar. Hoping we could meet on the soonest of times and revive again our stupid and funny moments that we usually did when we were kids. Happy birthday.

Life’s end is so uncertain so always enjoy every bit of chance to live. And it’s a good start to always delight the blessings of life

Having such an amazingly crazy brother is a gift that only comes once like blue moon does. Bro, whatever circumstances will be, always remember that you’re always worthy to be loved. Happy birthday.

I could still reminisce the tree house we built during my childhood. It was a witness how insane we were before. Until today, we never changed and hopefully we won’t. Craziest bro, happy birthday.

No other person who truly matters for me, except you. Crazy Brother, or should I say the craziest, I’m hoping that you’ll always stay to be someone I knew, cared and loved ever since. Happy birthday. Always keep radiating joy.

If only people understand you, they will really realize that loving you isn’t hard. They will be amazed with the kindness, humor and craziness which concealed in your heart. But, you can’t please them. So, better live freely. Happy birthday.

When everyone keeps you away from them, always lead your steps to me. You can find comfort, joy and the feeling of being loved and accepted in me. Bro, your craziness will always be compatible to mine. Happy birthday.

My funniest buddy in the loneliest of times. My craziest comrade in the most serious moments. And my best brother. Happy birthday. We always have this compatibility and sense of humor that no one can ever relate, solely us.

Brother, you’ve been so busy lately because of your studies in college. But, can you have a pause? I mean, let’s party. It’ll be so great to have it on your birthday. We’ll make it crazier and wilder than you.

My craziest brother, I’m always with you at every pace to achieving your life’s most aspired goals and dreams. Happy birthday. Wishing you to savor the taste of enjoyment and another gift of life.

Throughout my life’s existence, you always are my most precious gift. Bro, you never failed to unleash the best and craziest in me. Since it is your birthday, it’s great to be the wildest and craziest beings on your birthday.

If there’s a feeling beyond being proud and blissful, I already made you feel that. Anyways, you got my back. Whatever your aspired dreams will be, I’ll always be happy when it’s for your good sake. Silly bro, happy birthday.

Bro, thanks for giving me a time to celebrate with you on your natal day despite of your hectic schedule and overlapping school works. Since you gave way for this, why not making this day the craziest like we are?

To my ever-silly pal and best bro, hoping that you will be blessed with as much love, joy and peace on your birthday like the level of craziness that hides in you. Happy birthday.

My silliest bro, wishing your wishes to be fulfilled. Happy birthday. Always delight what this day and forever is going to bring to your life. May it be joy and sorrow, always see the silver lining behind a weeping cloud.

To my crazy brother, probably the craziest in the universe, happy birthday. May this day will bring so much joy, laughter and love from the people around you. And, for your dreams, always carry them on until you achieved them.

Can’t endure my thrill and enthusiasm for the adventures ahead. But, let’s start on your birthday. Like you, it’ll be better to let’s make your most momentous day the wildest and craziest this year because that’s what you deserve bro.

To my silliest brother who doesn’t lose humor everyday, may this year gives you the opportunity to have the most incredible birthday celebration. You deserve this and the love that we, your loved ones, is continually giving to you.

Though we’ve parted our tracks apart, you’ve never lost a place in my heart. Happy birthday to my funnily crazy brother. Sending this to you as my gift of love across a hundred mile. Have a truly happy natal day.

Hooray! What an amazing day! It’s when the world celebrates for the birth of my craziest brother. Today reminds me how grateful I am since you arrived in my life, like the dawning that spreads its hues across the horizon.

Have an incredibly awesome birthday celebration my crazy bro. May you always instill the value of love and joy in your entire life. And that, you’ll share them to the people around you. Keep your hands on-reach for your dreams.

Definitely an inspiration, you are. You’re the one I look up to because you juggled the sense of humor, insanity and the ability to take serious matters seriously. Happy birthday to a friend and brother in the person of you.

Never I’ve noticed myself to have dull and awkward moments with you. Crazy as you are, you always pull the humor and insanity out of us. Without you, we couldn’t take things easily. Happy birthday bro. Thanks a lot!

Silliest bro, happy birthday. Today reminds you to be thankful for an another gift of life. And that, you’ll always savor the happiness that it brings to you. Hoping for your dreams to turn into reality on God’s perfect time.

You portrayed crucial part of my childhood. You’ve been the humor and insanity carrier that made us laugh until today. Wishing you to don’t change because the person that you are, is the person that we’ll forever keep. Happy birthday.

If the world only has a lot of crazily humorous brothers as you are, negativities and loneliness could have never fostered and grew in different corners of the universe. Happy birthday.

Crazy. Jolly. Funny. Genuine. Loving. Those qualities pertain to you, brother. I’m beyond blessed and blissful that we don’t just treat each other as siblings but best friends. Happy birthday.

I’m very grateful for having the craziest brother of the generation whom I can share happiness and sorrow with. You’re my constant source of fun and smiles which always make every minute of my life worth-treasuring. Happy birthday.

Hoping you to instill the value of inner strength and endurance journey of life. May you always relish the hardships

Dearest brother, I just want to let you know that your craziness is a spice of my tasteless day. May you always enjoy your birthday and for the days to come in your life. More fortune and blessings for you.

Even if we rarely see and meet, don’t forget that I’m one call away. You can ask for help to me whenever you do, through digital means – a way of paying back your kindness to me. Happy birthday silly bro.

My life’s best pal, funniest companion, and silliest brother. That’s you. You never do anything in my life except brightening up my boring and gloomy day. Happy birthday. Enjoy this another gift of life and the blessings coming to you.

Whatever you do, I always enjoy it. May it be the stupidest, the craziest and the funniest of all, I always find it cute. Silly bro, remember that I’m always behind you in every pace of your life. Happy birthday.

It’s your biggest day bro! I’m always on my fullest support for you in realizing all of your dreams. Whatever the plans you have in mind, always ask guidance from God so you won’t stray. Happy natal day silly brother.

Through life’s hardest ups and downs, I’m with you. I won’t swear but will always do my best to love you. Even though you’re crazy oftentimes, but it won’t change the fact that you’re worthy to be loved. Happy birthday.

Don’t fight your battles alone. Don’t journey the longest roads on your own. Always remember that you have us. And that, we don’t leave by your side. Happy birthday to the silliest brother of my life.

When you think that everything goes wrong and your life is less of purpose, just open it up to us. We’re here to uplift you at your most sorrowful downfall. Bro, your crazily bubbly vibes made us smile. Happy birthday.

Though your crazy sometimes, you also deserve this gift of life bro. May you’ll have the happiest birthday in your life and be blessed with luck, joy and love today and on the succeeding days. Happy birthday.

Dearest crazy bro, have the most amazing birthday in your life. This day’s a perfect moment to tell you that you’re such an incredibly nice buddy and sibling with bubbly personality. Wishing you the joy and love that you deserve.

We may fight, but we always end each of it loving each other. May we always continue this Tom and Jerry relationship because it is cute. Silly bro, continue to be because you have smiled many sad people. Happy birthday.

My brother, my crazy sibling. Thank you for letting yourself to become the person I really need in the happiest and loneliest chapter of my life. A travel buddy, friend, hero and a loving brother. Happy birthday.

Big silly bro, happy birthday. Your achievements have set the standards so high, making mine so low. But, I’ll take it as a challenge so I could strive harder for excellence. And that I could achieve my dreams. Happy birthday.

Silly brother, if there’s a word to describe your craziness that’s more than being silly, I would use it. From your fart bombs to your uncontrollably messy deeds, it’s truly wacky. But, never we had awkward times. Happy birthday.

Happy birthday. Make your day crazier than you are. Maybe I can help but when I do, it’ll surely be the craziest day of your life. And, for the years that you rat me out from dad and mam, thank you.

Too much candles on birthday cake surely causes a fire. Congratulations my silly brother for this another year of opportunity to have cakes and candles being blown. You’re now getting close to being old. Anyways, make this birthday the best.

Happiest natal day to a brother whose craziness equates mine. It somehow runs in our bloodline of being a mentally and behaviorally dysfunctional. Crazy as we may be, our tandem always brings us to a life that’s filled with laughter.

My crazily funny greeting to a silly brother of mine. Happy birthday! You never had days that your scent isn’t as bad as the donkeys and your looks as odd as them. Just a joke. But, jokes are half meant.

Happy birthday to a hilariously silly brother who never forgets how was the feeling of having no any birthday notifications in Facebook. Anyways, this time you will surely have a lot more than what you thought you could never have.

Bro, it’s your most magical day. Happy birthday. Always remember that when you stumble down, I am the one who will always laugh hard at you. Crazy I may be, but you’re more.

To the world’s most gorgeous and amazingly ever-dynamic sister… Wait, I must have been greeted like that on my natal day. Anyways, my crazy brother, you all deserve all the birthday presents and blessings that you received today. Happy birthday.

I may not be as brave as Batman, not as strong as Superman and even not as bold as any superheroes whom you admired. But, I’ll always do my best to become someone that you need. Happy birthday silly bro.

Crazy bro, happiest natal day! I did my best to wrap my birthday present for you on time but Kate Upton and I had to get back to work as the soonest of time. Anyway, I won’t fail my post-gift.

Yes, you’re crazy indeed. But, you don’t know how you have changed our dull and gloomy days into a bubbly and blissful one. An idol and a great brother fused into one to become who you are today. Happy birthday.

Funny Confidante. Best friend. Silly Brother. Three attributes in one person. Thank you for lending your ears whenever I feel no one wants to listen my cries and secrets. Have the most enjoying birthday, because that’s what matters above all.

My best pal and a hilariously crazy brother, happy birthday to you. I couldn’t wish anything except for the prosperity of blessings, love and inner peace today and on the days to come. More years for us to bond together.

Happy birthday to the only crazy brother in the family! More time for us to bond together, share each other’s secrets, laugh one another and footprints to leave in every adventure. Dear, when the world is against you, I’m here.

Whatever you will do, either you’ll trace our bloodlines or you’ll have DNA test, you will forever be the craziest brother in my life – being carved to the deepest of my heart and soul. Happy birthday. God bless you always.

A year older means a crazier you. Happy birthday brother. Being close to being old isn’t something to be sad of, but a gift to rejoice. Longer life and more years to be happy are priceless gifts for your birthday.

Don’t count the candles on your cake, but count both the blessings and hardships in your life and appreciate each of them. You’re more than lucky to experience the roller coaster ride of life. Happy birthday crazy bro.

Crazy bro, happy birthday! Today’s the perfect moment to start new things like lying your age. Since you look younger than you really are, and since it doesn’t manifest you for being old, you better say that you’re still twenty one.

Happy birthday to my crazily humorous brother. I really wanted to bestow you gifts that will perfectly suit your distinct qualities, but I cannot. You will never be imitated. So, I let God decides your gift what your heart desires.

A great day it is! Happy birthday to my silly brother whose craziness is forever be kept. Don’t be upset when someone tells you that you’re old. Pick your teeth out from your mouth, and hit them bull’s eye.

Many people tell you on your birthday celebration that you don’t seem to be old. But since I know you well, I really can tell that you aged and became more mature in a good way. Happy birthday crazy bro.

Rejoice this another gift of life from Above. If you think that wrinkles are growing on your face, don’t worry. It’s always part of becoming old, what matters is you enjoyed the rest of your life. Happy birthday crazy bro.

Happy natal day to the world’s silliest brother. I planned to bestow you a cake with lots of candles on it. But the bureau of fire protection will surely never permit to have bonfires. Anyhow, just enjoy and have fun.

Crazy brother, wishing you a bountiful showers of love, peace, joy and blessings from above on your birthday and on the years to come. Today’s a great moment to see life in a larger perspective like: LIFE. Live your LIFE.

Another year older to you silly bro. In other words, you can now present your AARP card to cashiers. At your current age, you’re no longer any young, but still you can enjoy to the fullest at your remaining years.

It’s been said that age manifest a person’s wisdom. I don’t think so. I’ve encountered several old and stupid people in the world. Luckily, you are not. Have an amazing birthday celebration to you crazily humorous brother.

To the craziest and funniest man who ever lived in the world, happy birthday. Bro, you don’t know that you have always been my best buddy since we were child. Truly, you were born for me and so I am.

Happy natal day silly bro. Today seems to be a perfect moment for me to become brave. I really wanted to tell you this that I love you and I mean it.

Crazy bro, have an incredibly fantastic birthday. We’re now close to being old. I really don’t understand why people got mad when we forgot their birthdays. We can even rarely remember where did we put our car keys.

Big birdbrained bro, have a joyful natal day. Your birthday candles are something we must be thankful of. It gives a cozy warmth to fight the freezing cold weather. You’ve been a blessing to everyone, and you deserve more blessings.

To my foremost idol, no other than, my silly bro, happy birthday. You don’t know that you’ll be forever the person I’ll always admire. You’re humor, intellect and physique are worthy to be adored.

My best pal and silliest brother, have a peaceful and joyful celebration of your birthday. You don’t know that I always wanted to be like you. You’re very different from the rest. You’re always my happy pill when I’m ill.

Craziest brother, have a wonderful celebration of this year’s natal day. Wishing you to see all of the hard work and love I put into this day just to give you an amazing birthday party. I hope you will enjoy.

An awesome day for the world’s silliest brother! May you enjoy every bit of happiness that this day brings to you. You deserve all of these and even more. Hoping that you won’t put the bubbly personality out in you.

I may not be too expressive but always remember that I’ll forever love you as my best buddy, my comrade in crime and my silly brother. Since it’s your birthday, I’m wishing you to always stay who you are today.

Amigo, friend, a crazy bro or whatever, I will continue to fill your heart with what a brother needs from his sibling. You may not know but I’ll forever be proud of every little achievement you’ve got in your life.

So thankful for having such a wackily funny brother like you who never treated me just a sibling but as best friend, a motivator and a hero. May you have the most awesome birthday celebration in your entire life.

Learning to ride a bicycle was truly hard, but got easier when you came along to help me. I fell but you lifted me up, and taught me to never gave up until I learned cycling. Happy birthday silly brother.

Bro, I am beyond grateful for instilling to me the qualities of being bold and strong as well as honing the confidence that hides in me. You always stay beside me to push me on doing things I feared of.

Bro, you have been an achiever throughout your life. What I only wish for you on your natal day is that always be humble. May all of your plans and dreams in life will be fulfilled in God’s perfect time.

An amazing natal day to the craziest brother in the universe. You deserve more years to live because you’ve been a carrier of happiness to the people around you. May you relish this day and the joy that it brings.

Bro, wishing you to have a natal day as crazy and as wild as you are. Remember that you will never be given this another gift of life from God without purpose. And that perhaps, to spread love and joy.

My crazy brother, may this year will be on your favor. And that, you will have a celebration that you dream. Whatever may happen, always remember to delight each minute of it. But, it’s more fun when we’re together.

Silly bro, happy natal day. Always remember that whatever happens, I always support you when it’s for your good sake. May you realize all of your dreams and God always guides you in your journey to achieving each of them.

Bro, it’s your 30th year of existence. May it be multi-folded twice and even thrice so we’d be crazier as we get to becoming close to being old. Always rejoice everyday; not everyone is lucky to have lived this far.

Humans are born with mistakes. Some takes it as something big of a deal, but not for us. It’s a way so we could be silly, like teasing our physical flaws. So, bro, we’ll make the craziest of your birthdays.