21st Birthday Quotes and Wishes

Modified: November 25, 2021, Published: August 22, 2020

Turning 21 is a rite of passage, a time when dreams and ambitions are set ablaze, and the future holds endless possibilities. It is a day to cherish memories of the past, embrace the present, and look forward to the adventures that lie ahead.

Join us as we raise our glasses to toast the birthday star, filling the air with kind words, good vibes, and heartfelt blessings. Let us make this day unforgettable, reminding them that they are loved and supported as they embark on this exciting journey of adulthood.

Happy 21st Birthday! Here’s to legal adventures, unforgettable nights, and a lifetime of amazing memories.

Cheers to 21 years of awesomeness! May this milestone birthday be the start of your most incredible journey yet.

Happy 21st Birthday! May your twenties be filled with laughter, love, and endless opportunities.

You’re 21 and ready to take on the world! Wishing you all the success and happiness you deserve. Happy Birthday!

It’s finally your 21st! Time to make some epic memories and celebrate like there’s no tomorrow. Have a blast!

Today is the perfect day to celebrate because being 21 means being free! Free to do the things you’ve always wanted to do. Have an amazing 21st birthday you.

Finally, you are now in the real world of adulthood. My wish is that you accept and enjoy all the beauty that is in that amazing world. Happiest 21st birthday to you!

Happy birthday to you, buddy! The days you spend running around using your fake IDs have finally ended. Now is time to celebrate becoming 21. Welcome to the club, and I hope you have a blast!

Turning 21 offers so many exciting benefits and perks that I wish you would love and enjoy. I hope you have the best 21st birthday ever. Happy birthday to you!

I’m so excited to welcome you to the world of adulthood. Happy 21st birthday to you. I wish that you fully enjoy and have fun at this wonderful age of your life.

As you celebrate your special day today, may the sun above continue to shine bright for you in all your days here on earth. Have a blast, and happy 21st birthday to you, buddy.

As you turn 21 today, don’t miss having fun as much as you can and enjoy all the amusement and wonderful things this day will bring because trust me, you just will! Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday Wishes

Birthdays, a time to mark another year of life, are moments of joy, reflection, and celebration. These special occasions bring together family, friends, and loved ones to shower the birthday star with love, laughter, and heartfelt wishes.

In this world of wishes, we extend our warmest greetings, expressing our love, admiration, and appreciation for the one whose day we celebrate. Whether they are young or old, a family member, friend, or colleague, every birthday deserves to be cherished and remembered.

Happy 21st Birthday! May this milestone year be filled with adventures, laughter, and unforgettable memories.

Cheers to 21 years of being amazing! May your 21st birthday be the start of a fantastic journey ahead.

Happy 21st Birthday! Here’s to legal adulthood and all the exciting opportunities that await you.

Wishing you a wild and wonderful 21st birthday! May this year be filled with dreams coming true and new horizons to explore.

It’s time to raise a toast to you on your 21st birthday! May your special day be as awesome as you are. Cheers and Happy Birthday!

Cheers to you, buddy for celebrating your 1st birthday after 20 years. This will be the beginning of your mature years. May your 21st birthday be the start of a lifetime full of accomplished goals, unlimited happiness and blessings.

Happy 21st birthday to you! May you be forever 21 because it looks good on you. I wish this new found beauty stays with you and never leave you until the end of your days. Have a blessed day ahead!

As you turn 21 today, I hope that you find the biggest and most precious treasure you can ever have, true happiness. May God continue to bless you with everlasting joy in your life. Happy birthday, buddy.

This very special day is definitely one of the most memorable occasions you can experience in this lifetime. As you celebrate becoming 21 today, I wish that you receive all the blessings you deserve and you find all the love and happiness you’ve been looking for. Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday Step Son Messages and Wishes

Birthdays hold a special place in our hearts as they mark the passing of time and the growth of our loved ones. For a step-son, his birthday is an opportunity to celebrate not only the day he was born but also the love and affection he has bestowed upon our family.

In this collection of heartfelt birthday messages and wishes, we express our love, admiration, and warmest greetings to our beloved step-son. These messages are a reflection of the laughter shared, the moments cherished, and the hope for a bright and promising future.

Happy Birthday to a step-son who has brought so much joy and happiness to our family. May your special day be filled with love and wonderful surprises.

Wishing a fantastic birthday to our amazing step-son! You have enriched our lives with your presence, and we are grateful for the love you bring into our family.

Happy Birthday to a step-son who has captured our hearts with his kindness and charm. May this day be the start of an incredible year ahead.

To our wonderful step-son, may your birthday be as special as you are to us. You are a cherished member of our family, and we wish you all the happiness in the world.

On your birthday, we celebrate the gift of having you as our step-son. You have made our family complete, and we are blessed to have you. Happy Birthday!

Today is the perfect day for us to celebrate for you are finally turning 21! I wish you all the best and good luck on your new challenges becoming an adult. Happy 21st birthday!

They say, a person has to reach the age of 21 to be truly free. I must say it’s true. So be free as a bird and fly high to reach all your goals! Happy 21st birthday my dear!

Cheers for having another milestone ticked off on your checklist! May you have the best 21st birthday and fabulous birthdays in the coming years. Have a wonderful day and make sure to have fun!

It makes me so happy looking at you gleaming and graceful on your 21st birthday. You’ve managed to reach this age without giving me any problems and so I pray to God that he continues to bless you with good health, love and never ending happiness. Happy 21st birthday!

Happy Birthday Soul Sister Wishes and Quotes

A soul sister is more than just a friend; she is a confidante, a source of strength, and a constant source of support. Her birthday is not just an occasion to mark another year but an opportunity to honor the beautiful connection that binds us.

As we come together to celebrate her birthday, we celebrate not just a friend but a kindred spirit - a soul sister whose presence illuminates our lives with love, laughter, and understanding. Here are some quotes and wishes to help you greet her.

Happy Birthday to my dearest soul sister! You are not just a friend; you are a cherished part of my heart and life. Wishing you a day filled with love and laughter.

To my soul sister, on your special day, I want to remind you of the beautiful bond we share. You are a true blessing in my life. Happy Birthday!

Cheers to my soul sister on her birthday! May your day be as amazing as you are, and may the year ahead be filled with dreams coming true.

Happy Birthday to the one who knows my heart like no other - my soul sister. Your presence in my life makes everything better. Have a fabulous birthday!

To my soul sister, my confidante, and my partner-in-crime, Happy Birthday! Thank you for being there through thick and thin. May your birthday be as special as you are to me.

May this day be the beginning of more opportunities and accomplished goals for you. I hope that as you turn 21, you learn to believe in yourself and be more confident. Happy birthday friend!

We’ve been friends since we were little and I have literally celebrated all your birthdays until now. So tell me how does being free feels? It feels 21. Happy 21st birthday bestie! May you be blessed now and forever.

As you become 21 today, I hope and wish that this day be full of pleasures, from the simplest to the guiltiest, you can ever imagine feeling. Have the best day and happy 21st!

First, I want to take this opportunity to greet you a happy 21st birthday. Second, I want to tell you that I am proud and happy too for becoming friends with an angel like you and third, I wish that this day be as fabulous, memorable and beautiful as you!

Hey, I heard that you are celebrating for turning 21 today! I’m so excited for you because being 21 has a lot of amazing benefits to offer and I am very sure you will like them all! Congratulations and happy 21st birthday to you!

May the heavens above give you all that your heart desires and all your wishes to come true! Happy birthday friend! You’ve finally become 21. Have a great day to you!

Happy 21st birthday, my dear! May this special day of yours bring you a lifetime full of the beautiful things, blessings and wishes come true that you very well deserve! Have fun this day as much as you can!

I wish you have best birthday ever as we celebrate your 21st today. You deserve to be merry and have fun! May this day be the start of something new for you and more blessed days ahead of you! Happy 21st birthday, woman!

Congratulations to you my dear friend! Today is day where you can finally be free from all of your fake IDs! So throw them all away and have fun this day!

Happiest 21st birthday to you, my coolest friend. I just have a message to tell you. I hope that as you become an adult today, I pray that the Lord God continues to bless you with all that you are wishing for and that you’d have the coolest party ever too!

Now that you are 21, I have one thing to say and remind you. You are wonderful and amazing and that is enough. Never listen to what other people might say and just be yourself. Happy 21st birthday! May you be surrounded with blessings and beauty forever.

On your 21st birthday, I hope that your heart recognizes true peace and genuine happiness until the end of your days. Knowing what I know now, that is the only message I want to share to you. Happy birthday to you!

Today is your Big Day, my friend and I wish from the bottom of my heart that you will be blessed with a lifetime full of happiness, contentment and riches! It’s a perfect day to go out and celebrate!

I can say that turning 21 is one of best times in your life. May this milestone bring you more success and happiness. Happy 21st birthday to you. Have a fabulous day ahead.

As long the sun keeps on shining and the rain keeps falling from the sky, may you be surrounded always with love and memorable experiences. Happy 21st birthday to you, bud!

I am forever grateful and thankful that the heavens gave you as a gift to me. I can’t believe your already 21. Please don’t grow up so fast. Happy birthday, my dear baby.

Congratulations on your freedom. From now on, no one can ever control you anymore. It’s time to paint the town red and announce this wonderful news! So let’s have fun and happy 21st!

No more missed concerts that are for 21 and above because today is your big day! Happy 21st birthday, best friend! You have finally reached 21 and ready to party.

They say you only live once and that life is short, so it’s up to you how you want to spend it. Now that are 21, I suggest you have fun as much as possible and take on the challenge to live your life as you see fit. Happy birthday!

Don’t you ever feel sad that you are turning another year older this year because not all can enjoy what you are enjoying right now. So go and live your life to the fullest and happy 21st birthday to you!

Reaching the age of 21 is without a doubt the best age ever. This is the best time to enjoy life and experience all the amazing things it comes with so happy 21st birthday to you! Have fun!

Here’s wishing you a glorious and fabulous birthday today! As you age another year older, I hope that you experience all the fun that this remarkable age brings. Enjoy this beautiful life that you have my friend. Happy 21st birthday!

Cheers to my blessed friend to have been given this exceptional life to enjoy with. Never forget to always count and be thankful for all the blessings you receive and may you have the best birthday ever! Happy 21st to you!

Let’s have a toast on your success for overcoming twenty one years – that’s over 2 decades of your fabulous life! I want to welcome you to the club and I hope that you start fulfilling your dreams. Happy 21st birthday!

Today is a special day made for you but did you know that the last 20 years are very special to us too? It’s because you were a part of us every day since you were born. Happy 21st birthday, my one and only princess. We love you.

Congratulations on your 21st birthday, my dear! Never ever forget that we are not just celebrating another year added to you but giving thanks to the Lord God for the gift he gave me 21 years ago. Happy birthday to you!

Happy 21st birthday, my little brother. I pray that you will always be guided in your path and may it always be full of happiness. I also pray that you continue to be magnificent and kind towards other like you are in the last 20 years. Love you always.

Here’s wishing your birthday be full of joy and laughter. I hope that your chosen path is always bright and wonderful and that you have good health always. Happy 21st birthday, my dear!

This phenomenon only happens once so you should grab the opportunity and enjoy the experience. Trust me when I say that it is all worth it. Happy 21st birthday to you, my darling!

To my dear best friend, happy 21st birthday to you. Surely your parents will allow you now to go out and party since you are no longer a kid! Congratulations on this new found freedom!

Here’s a line from a famous movie that I want to share with you on your birthday, With great power comes great responsibility. Turning 21 is fun but remember to live smart and be responsible always.

Congratulations, for you are now legally in the right age to do whatever you want. Happy 21st birthday, my dearest friend. I hope that you enjoy this special day and celebrate with your loved ones!

I will never forget the day I turned 21. It was an amazing and exciting age to live and love. So to you, my friend, Happy 21st birthday! Have fun and enjoy!

This only happens once in your life so let’s celebrate it with a party that you will never forget. Happy 21st birthday to you! Time to go out and paint the town red.

What a great day to celebrate your 21st birthday. So you can fully enjoy the day off, I am relieving you off your role as the designated driver and start having some drinks. Have fun!

I hope this special day of yours goes well as planned. Spend some quality time with your friends and loved ones because this only happens once every year and they have been very supportive ever since. Happy 21st birthday!

I can never miss this day because today is your 21st birthday. I wish you all the love and happiness this world can give. Happy 21st birthday to you, my dear friend!

I’m so glad to be your friend all these years and especially now since it’s your 21st birthday. I hope you enjoy being 21 because it’s time to enjoy and have fun!

Now that you’re 21, you can start hanging out with us big boys. Don’t you dare think about quitting because this invitation is not for the weak! Happy 21st birthday, lil’ bro!

Enjoy being 21 because time flies fast especially you’re having fun. Next thing you know, you’re in your thirties. So have fun as much as you can and I wish you a very happy birthday!

I am well aware that today is your special day since you are already 21 but I am also aware that this is not the first time you’ll have an alcoholic drink. So drink up and happy 21st birthday, my friend!

I’ve known you since you were young until we become teenagers. I still can’t accept the fact that you are now 21. I wish all your wishes to come true and I’m so happy that we can now go out and have fun! Time to party!

We’re gonna party like there’s no tomorrow and like were both superstars! Happy 21st birthday to you my friend! I’m so excited for you on this new journey! Enjoy and have fun on your very special day!

When the clock strikes twelve, you’ll finally turn 21. Get ready for the biggest night because you will receive the most amazing birthday gift ever in your life! I’m excited for you, bro. Happy 21st birthday to you!

This is the big day that you have been waiting for! The countdown finally ends today. Happy 21st to you, my man! Enjoy this day and all the blessings you will receive.

At 21, you have the entire world to conquer so keep smiling because it makes you beautiful and it reminds you to be young. Make the most of your life and happy birthday to you!

Always be brave and never be afraid to take risks. Turning 21 is one of the best experiences you can ever have so don’t be afraid to make mistakes. They will eventually help you become stronger and wiser. Happt 21st birthday to you!

Today is your birthday and you deserve to party like a 21 year old rock star. Have fun like you have never before and enjoy this fantastic day before it’s over. Have a blessed 21st birthday to you!

It’s totally fine to show how enthusiastic you are on your special day. You’re turning 21 and all the excitement is worth it! I hope you have a wonderful and fantastic 21st birthday and I wish you all the best!

You’re as beautiful as the flowers on your garden on this amazing and fun filled occasion. I wish this day brings you so many memorable moments and genuine happiness. Happy 21st birthday, my love.

I had the most unforgettable memories when I was 21. I hope you have those too. Happy 21st birthday, my wonderful friend. I wish you have the best birthday ever and may you be blessed with more love and happiness that will last a lifetime.

I can’t believe that you are now 21. I want you to know that I am very proud of you and that all the sacrifices I’ve made are worth it! You are wise and responsible and so I hope this day inspires you more to be the best!

I hope you see how far you’ve come in my eyes because I’ve seen how responsible you are beyond your years. You may be older but you are also wiser. Have a fantastic and wonderful 21st birthday to you.

As you celebrate your 21st birthday today, I wish that all of your dreams to come true and that you receive a lot of surprises beyond your wildest imagination. Have fun and happy birthday, my friend!

Today marks the 21st year when your mother welcomed you into this world. You are the reason why her entire life has changed, and changed for the better. Congratulations on this new milestone and happy birthday to you!

21st birthday quotes wishes images

The 21st birthday - a milestone that marks the official entry into adulthood, the age of newfound freedom and endless possibilities. It is a moment of celebration, reflection, and joy, as the birthday star takes center stage to embrace the world of grown-ups with style and grace.

In this collection of 21st birthday quotes, wishes, and images, we come together to honor this extraordinary milestone. From heartfelt messages of love and encouragement to lighthearted humor and excitement, these quotes and wishes are a tribute to the journey taken, the dreams that lie ahead, and the bright future that awaits.


Congratulations on turning 21! Wishing you a year of joy, laughter, and endless possibilities as you step into adulthood.

Here’s to 21 years of awesomeness! May your 21st birthday be the start of an amazing journey filled with success and happiness.

Happy 21st Birthday! May you always have the courage to chase your dreams and the strength to overcome any obstacle that comes your way.

Cheers to turning 21 and embracing the world with enthusiasm! May this year be filled with love, laughter, and unforgettable moments. Happy Birthday!

Now that you are finally 21, I want you to remember that to live a simple life is to be genuinely happy. Find your path and always make sure that you follow all your goals and create more once you achieved them! Happy birthday!


Nothing and no one in this world can come between our friendship and your birthday. Happy 21st birthday to you, my dear friend. I will always be here to support you no matter what.

21st birthday quotes list

The 21st birthday - a momentous milestone that marks the passage into adulthood, with a world of possibilities waiting at one’s doorstep. As this significant day approaches, it becomes a time of reflection, joy, and anticipation for the bright future ahead.

Whether they seek words to inspire their dreams, motivate their pursuits, or simply bring a smile to their face, this compilation aims to make their 21st birthday truly special. Each quote captures the essence of this momentous occasion, celebrating the journey taken so far and the exciting paths that await.

Happy 21st Birthday! May this milestone year be the beginning of an exciting journey filled with love, success, and unforgettable memories.

Congratulations on turning 21! As you step into adulthood, may you find the courage to chase your dreams and the wisdom to navigate life’s paths.

Cheers to 21 years of laughter, friendship, and joy! Wishing you a birthday celebration as extraordinary as you are.

On your 21st birthday, may you embrace the adventures that lie ahead with an open heart and a fearless spirit. Happy Birthday!

Welcome to the world of legal adulthood! May your 21st year be a time of growth, self-discovery, and limitless possibilities.

Happy 21st Birthday! Here’s to living life to the fullest, making memories that last a lifetime, and savoring every moment.

As you turn 21, may you find happiness in the simple joys, strength in the challenges, and love in the connections you make.

Cheers to a new chapter of life! May your 21st birthday be filled with happiness, surrounded by the love of those who cherish you.

On your special day, I wish you success in all your endeavors, the courage to overcome any obstacle, and a heart full of dreams.

Happy 21st Birthday! May the coming year be a tapestry of laughter, love, and unforgettable experiences. Embrace the journey ahead!

Time is short and flies oh so very fast. Not a chance to think twice. So now that you are 21, throw all your inhibitions aside and live life to the fullest. Let’s go out and celebrate. Happy 21st birthday, friend!

Happy birthday, my friend. Today is indeed a wonderful day and I hope that it turns out amazing and exciting as you. Never forget to stay the same and I wish all your dreams to come true.

You are indeed blessed for you are able to enjoy and experience turning 21. Be grateful for all the things you have and will be receiving soon because not all can have this opportunity. Stay humble. Happy 21st birthday to you.

You may be 21 today but soon, when you don’t expect it, you’ll be 30. Let’s party hard now before your beauty fades away. LOL. Have a fantastic 21st birthday, my dear friend!

You’re 21 and you drink like you’re trying to forget a problem. Are you okay? Can you slow it down because I don’t want to bring you home so drunk? Happy 21st birthday, bud.

Cheers my friend! You are now legal and 21! No more fake IDs for you. Now I have to watch you enjoy while I’m here sulking in envy. Happy 21st birthday to you!

Now that you are finally 21, there are 364 days more left to enjoy it. So go out and have fun because this feeling will not last. Happy 21st birthday to you, my friend!

Today is the perfect day to plan ahead and set goals for your future. As you turn 21, I hope you make sure to work very hard so you achieve all of them and maybe someday, someone will need your help in reaching their goals too! Happy 21st birthday!


Congrats for reaching the fantastic age of 21! I hope you fully enjoy everything that this day brings because today is the start of new responsibilities for you! Happy 21st birthday to you!

My dear, you have finally reached 21 and I’m so surprised that you grew up to be such a beautiful/handsome young human being. I hope you have the most unforgettable and wonderful birthday ever. Happy 21st birthday to you!

To my 21 year old love, I’m so excited to see you grow and achieve greater heights! I also wish that you receive so many wonderful things that you deserve for having reached this new milestone in your life. Happy birthday to you!

Later today, when the clock hits 12 midnight, is your last moment as a young man. After that, you are legally and officially an adult. Happy 21st birthday to you!

21 years has passed since you were born and 21 years full of unforgettable memories. I wish you never stop living and learning. Stay as humble as you are and you will be blessed with more. Happy 21st birthday to you!

Trust me when I say that this will be your last birthday with no responsibilities or adulting concerns. I hope you’ll enjoy this special day as much as possible because tomorrow you’ll start your life as 21. Happy 21st birthday to you!

I’m shocked to find out that you are now 21! You are always my baby and I will always be your mommy. Happy 21st birthday, baby love. I pray that you are in good hands and have good health always!

From this day on, your life is in your hands. You will have the sole responsibility to decide the path that you will take or whatever is good for you. So I hope and pray on your birthday that you are guided always by the Lord God. Happy 21st birthday!

Legally, the law allows you to be responsible of all your actions. You can now do things that may cause harm on you. So as you turn 21 today, I hope that you be careful always because I cannot decide for you anymore. I love you and happy 21st!

Here’s wishing you have a fantastic birthday today! I wish you make all of your dreams come true and live a life that is also useful to others. Happy 21st birthday, my dear.

To my buddy whose now legally allowed to get drunk, congratulations! Be ready because tonight the goal is to get you so drunk that you will welcome your very frist hangover. Happy 21st birthday to you!

Now that you are 21, you don’t have to think about the past years. You can now start living your life and making all of your dreams come true! Happy 21st birthday to you!

To the most important person in my life, I am so glad that you have finally reached the age of 21. May this day be the beginning of your wonderful journey towards adulthood. I will always be here to support you. Happy 21st birthday, my baby love.

On your 21st birthday, no more fake IDs to help you enjoy any alcoholic drink you want. Congratulations on this new found freedom and now we can go out and party! May you have the best 21st birthday ever!

I hope that as you become 21 today, your life will be made more prosperous and colorful from this forward and continuing to forever. May you have the best birthday ever today!

Here’s a toast to you for being a part of the adult world. A world that is full of pleasure and of responsibilities too. You have to learn to balance both so you don’t end up miserable. Happy 21st birthday to you, young adult!

I remember when I was kid I’ve always wished to be 21. Now that I have gone through that age, trust me when I say that it was the most beautiful and colorful part of my life. I hope yours would be the same too. Happy 21st birthday to you!

This day will obviously be a one of kind experience and moment for you. You can finally and legally order your very first alcoholic drink. So guzzle it up and get one more! Hope you wake up with hangover tomorrow! Happy birthday to you 21 years old!

I’m one proud mama for I have seen you completed 21 marathons in your entire life! I wish to see you conquer more. Have a fantastic 21st birthday to you!

Becoming 21 comes with new responsibilities and privileges for you to enjoy. You must be very careful and grateful always for all that you have. Happy 21st birthday to you and never give up!

I came all the way from the other side of the world to bring you a bottle of champagne so we can start celebrating your 21st birthday. We are now officially and legally drinking buddies. Happy birthday, my man.

Today is the day where you are finally a woman/man. You are not a little girl/boy anymore. Now is the time to turn to page one on your life as an adult. Congratulations and happy 21st birthday to you1

I cannot believe that you are 21 years of age. I can still recall the time I last saw you sleeping on my lap. I thought it was just yesterday… Happy 21st birthday, my darling. I wish you have good health always. I love you.

2 decades is enough to show everyone how loving and responsible you are. Happy 21st birthday to you, my love. I hope you enjoy this day and I wish you live your life full of joy and love always.

Your 21st birthday only comes once in your lifetime so try to make the most of it and make it as memorable as you can. Congratulations to you and happy 21st birthday to you!

Becoming 21 doesn’t mean you have to let go of your crazy moments and your hobbies. You just have to find the balance between chasing dreams and enjoying life without thinking what tomorrow brings. Happy 21st birthday to you! Love you!

I am thankful that we have this opportunity to be together on your 21st birthday! I hope this day will never end because there’s more fun and excitement to come! Happy birthday to you, my friend!

The number of candles on your birthday cake doesn’t matter at all today, what’s important is the message I placed inside it. So start digging in and have a fabulous 21st birthday to you!

I will never get tired of reminding you every single day starting on your 21st birthday and until the end of my days that you don’t drink and then drive! It’s something I’ve learned the hard way! Happy 21st to you, bud!

May the next stages of your adulthood be as awesome and exciting as the first 20 years of your life. Take one day at a time and just enjoy the beauty of life. Happy 21st birthday to you my darling!

Congratulations to my buddy, for reaching another significant event in your life. Happy 21st birthday to you! I promise that I will always be here for you whenever you need someone to talk to.

I hope you realize how blessed and lucky you are while you are blowing all the 21 candles in your cake. Not all can celebrate their special day and not all can even get a cake. May you have the best 21st birthday ever and good luck!

May this day be the most unforgettable birthday you will ever have. Turning 21 is both scary and exciting as you finally become an adult. I wish you all the best and have fun on your 21st year here on earth.

The biggest day of your life has finally arrived. Try to have fun and celebrate this day with your friends and loved ones. Happy 21st birthday to you, my friend!

Welcome to the adult life full of worries and responsibilities! Not that I wanted to scare you, but now that you are legally an adult, I hope you still look at the brighter side, be mature and carefree as you are now. Happy 21st birthday to you!

Today is a special day made for me and you because you’re finally turning 21 and to remind me that I welcomed you into this world 20 years ago. Every day since have been special to me too because you’ve brought happiness in my life that I have never imagined.

As you reach the age of 21, now is the perfect time to think and set your future plans. The perfect time to learn from your mistakes and make more mistakes. Make the most of this decade and just enjoy being wild and free. Happy 21st to you, my baby.

This is one of the most significant events in your lifetime. Enjoy your 21st birthday by doing things that make you happy. Never ever forget that we are all here to support and love you always and forever!

You may find my ways a little too harsh for you but hear me and trust me when I say that I wanted to teach you how to be strong because life is unfair and it will never give you things so easily. Good luck and happy 21st birthday.

I must admit that I am shocked to see the baby I took care of the last 20 years is not a baby anymore. You are now 21! I wish and pray to God that he continues to guide you and bless you always for me. Happy 21st birthday, love!

To my son, happy 21st birthday to you! Enjoy this special day and from now on, you don’t need to hide the things you’ve been hiding from me when you were young. I knew because I once hid stuff from my parents too! Cheers to more adventures for you!

Don’t mind the pressure that comes along with adulthood. You just became 21 today and you can still have fun and enjoy this unforgettable moment. I wish just the best for you. Happy 21st birthday, my dear!

Time indeed flies fast! I thought it was just yesterday when you were two. Now, you’re officially legal and 21! I wish that your chosen path is being guided by the heavens above and may your adventures better than the last! Have a blast on your 21st birthday!

Nothing can ever prepare me for having you as my son, twenty years ago. I am forever grateful to God that so far, everything is going terrific for me and you! Happy 21st birthday my not so young boy anymore!

You will forever be my source of happiness and pride. You are special to me and nothing or no once can make me think otherwise. Never ever forget that I will be here for you no matter what. Happy 21st birthday to you, my son!

I can totally relate why dad always say that he is proud for having me as a son like I am feeling now for having you as my son. Happy 21st birthday to you and may you have more birthdays to come!

Get ready for the biggest surprise on your 21st birthday and bring out your dancing shoes. The party starts as soon as the clock hits twelve! Happy birthday to you! Time to countdown on your 22nd birthday next year!

Growing up and being an adult is not easy and it never will but at least you can get yourself a drink. Have fun and enjoy becoming 21! Cheers to more responsibilities and adult issues for you!