105 Funny Birthday Wishes

Modified: December 2, 2021, Published: August 23, 2018

Birthdays are occasions that call for celebration, joy, and most importantly, laughter. What better way to brighten someone’s special day than with a hearty dose of humor? In this uproarious collection of 105 funny birthday wishes, we explore the art of tickling funny bones and spreading laughter as we toast to another year of life’s crazy journey.

Age is merely the number of years the world has been enjoying you. So basically, you’re a gift to humanity. Happy Birthday!

They say age is just a number. In your case, it’s a really, really big number. Have a fantastic birthday!

Congratulations on another trip around the sun! Just remember, the older you get, the closer you are to those senior discounts.

You know you’re getting old when the candles cost more than the cake. Happy Birthday and may your candles be in bulk!

They say wisdom comes with age, but in your case, I think it’s just an urban legend. Happy Birthday, wise one!

Don’t worry about getting older; it’s the wrinkles that come with it that you should be concerned about. Happy Birthday!

Age is a case of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter. Now, where’s the cake? Happy Birthday!

Another year older, wiser, and closer to needing a whole cake for yourself. Enjoy every sweet moment of your birthday!

They say the older you get, the more you should count your blessings. You’re basically a mathematician by now. Happy Birthday!

Age is like underwear – it creeps up on you when you least expect it. Have a hilarious and unforgettable birthday!

Remember when we were young and thought 40 was ancient? Well, now you’re here, and ancient looks pretty good on you. Happy Birthday!

They say laughter is the best medicine, so here’s a big dose for your birthday. You’re not getting older; you’re just getting funnier!

You’re not old; you’re just chronologically gifted. Have an amazing birthday filled with gifts and cake!

Happy Birthday to someone who’s aged to perfection, just like a fine wine or a good cheese. Enjoy your cheesy day!

Age is a funny thing. The older you get, the younger you feel… until you try to stand up. Have a laugh-filled birthday!

You know you’re getting older when you start to appreciate the ‘before’ pictures more than the ‘after’ ones. Happy Birthday!

At your age, you should be counting your blessings, not your wrinkles. But let’s be honest, counting is hard. Happy Birthday!

You’re not over the hill; you’re just enjoying a leisurely stroll up it. Have a hilarious birthday!

It’s your big day but the truth is the joke is on you, happy funny birthday for today!

Two men were talking, about how being old is like being a baby, happy bday baby!

Too many bday are said to kill you, so may you try to give it some rest today!

I know you want to feel young so let’s hang out today with old people, happy bday!

You know that you are old when you can’t even control when you will pee!

On this bday I will share to you the secret to keeping young: lie about your age!

I bet this would be one funny birthday when someone suddenly lose their mind.

Smile and just think that you can celebrate a far worse bday than this, enjoy today!

If you think about how you’d be in ten years, you’d start laughing now!

Congrats on joining the forever 30 years old club, welcome to the family.

Happy Birthday Brother Wishes

The bond between siblings is a tapestry of shared memories, laughter, and unbreakable connections. As a brother’s birthday approaches, it’s the perfect opportunity to celebrate not just the passing of another year but also the incredible relationship you share. In this collection of Happy Birthday Brother wishes, we delve into the art of conveying admiration, love, and the unique camaraderie that defines this cherished bond.

Happy Birthday to the one who’s been by my side through thick and thin. You’re not just a brother – you’re my partner in crime and my best friend.

Another year older, wiser, and closer to getting the senior discount! Happy Birthday, my forever youthful brother.

To the guy who taught me how to ride a bike, tie my shoes, and handle life’s curveballs – Happy Birthday, big bro! Thanks for always having my back.

As we celebrate your special day, may your heart be filled with the same joy and laughter you’ve brought into my life. Happy Birthday, little bro!

Growing up with you has been one incredible adventure after another. Here’s to many more amazing journeys. Happy Birthday, dear brother!

Happy Birthday to the one who’s not just my brother but also my confidant, partner in mischief, and source of endless laughter. Have an awesome day!

Wishing my favorite troublemaker a Happy Birthday! May your day be filled with fun, surprises, and everything that makes you smile.

You’ve not only been my brother but also my role model and my hero. Here’s to celebrating you on your special day. Happy Birthday!

From childhood squabbles to adult shenanigans, our journey as brothers has been nothing short of extraordinary. Happy Birthday to the guy who makes life unforgettable.

Happy bday to you, I wish you would start saving money to get you by.

I know they say that age is but a number but well, your wrinkles might be showing.

Funny birthday party are the cool thing now, so go and practice some jokes!

Stop being so bummed out, you get older today and another next year!

Happy Birthday Mom Wishes

A mother’s love is a guiding light, an unwavering support, and a source of boundless affection. As her birthday approaches, it’s an opportunity to celebrate not just the passing of another year but also the incredible woman who has shaped your life in countless ways. In this collection of Happy Birthday Mom wishes, we delve into the art of expressing gratitude, admiration, and the deep bond that only a mother and child share.

Happy Birthday to the queen of our hearts, my dearest mom. May your day be filled with the same love and joy you’ve brought into our lives.

To the woman who taught me how to dream, how to love, and how to be strong – Happy Birthday, Mom. You’re my role model in every way.

As you celebrate another year, know that your love is the foundation of our family’s happiness. Wishing you a day as wonderful as you are, Mom!

Happy Birthday to the mom who’s not just my parent but also my best friend. May your day be as amazing as you’ve made my life.

Here’s to the woman who’s been my guiding star and my source of endless comfort. Happy Birthday, Mom! Your love lights up my world.

With every passing year, your love and wisdom only grow stronger. May your birthday be as beautiful as the impact you’ve had on my life.

To the person who has cheered for me through every triumph and supported me through every challenge – Happy Birthday, Mom. You’re my hero.

On your special day, I wish you all the joy, love, and happiness you’ve selflessly given to us. Happy Birthday, Mom. You’re truly one of a kind.

Wishing the most amazing mom a Happy Birthday filled with love, laughter, and all the things that make you smile.

Mom, your hugs, your love, and your presence make every day brighter. May your birthday be as heartwarming and special as you are to me.

You know it is better late than not greet you at all so happy bday!

My advice to you is you be nice to your children or you’d be in a nursing home.

You are sure lucky you were not born a dog or else you’d be dead by now, friend.

Be good to other people and just enjoy your big day, stay alive until next year!

You look older than you did last year, congrats on that then.

May you have a funny birthday for today, you deserve to.

When people ask you how old you are, lie to them and you’ll be fine!

One bday, you won’t be able to lie about your age but keep lying until then!

Don’t let successful people let you feel such a failure today on your big day!

You are not a failure, you’re just taking your time!

I hope you live old enough so I can annoy you as long.

I am so sorry you are in the age group where you are no longer a market target.

There is nothing better than a funny birthday celebration so have fun!

Only one year to go and Facebook is gonna remove you from its servers.

Your receding hairline now suits your age, so congrats to that!

Cheers to more beers to keep your fat tummy in, enjoy today.

I never forget your bday, right? Kidding but do not hate me for it.

Do remind me what age you are telling others you are so I can keep up with you!

Hey, pick a more appropriate age for your face, enjoy!

Are you lying to me when you say you are 30? I mean you look kinda 40-ish.

You are at the age where drugs are only for medical reasons.

What a funny birthday this has been, doing things I’d never done with you.

May you have a funny birthday so that you would laugh out loud a lot!

Wishes may come true or not but your age will not let you go ever.

You forgot my present last year so this year, consider your favor returned!

When you are feeling old, remember that there are people older than you!

Get out there and enjoy your beer while you are still young enough to do so.

How old are you again? Aw, you are old enough to be dead as a dog now.

I would be more into this celebration for your bday if it was my bday today.

I am more than excited for you, for you are getting closer to reading the will.

I celebrate with you today the anniversary of your escape from your mom’s womb.

Happy funny birthday to you, may you make this day one for the books.

As you get older, all I wish is you won’t lose that mind.

Happy bday, go lick off the frosting on that cupcake, they are healthy.

A muffin is healthier so go and switch into that today.

Terrific 105 Funny Birthday Wishes with Pictures

Birthdays are occasions of joy, celebration, and most importantly, laughter. What better way to make someone’s special day even more memorable than with a collection of hilarious birthday wishes paired with whimsical pictures? In this vibrant compilation of 105 funny birthday wishes with pictures, we dive into the world of humor to create an unforgettable birthday experience.


Happy Birthday! You know you’re getting older when the candles cost more than the cake. Time to invest in LED candles!

Age is just a number, and in your case, it’s a really high one. Happy Birthday, old-timer!

Congratulations on another trip around the sun! Here’s to more wrinkles, wisdom, and maybe a few more hairs.

They say the secret to a long life is to keep laughing. So here’s to you, defying the aging process with your incredible sense of humor!

Happy Birthday! Just remember, the older you get, the more valuable you become as a vintage masterpiece.

Age is like underwear – it creeps up on you when you least expect it. But hey, at least you can change your age!

They say with age comes wisdom. So, let’s just say you must be the wisest person I know… at least when it comes to birthdays.

Another year older, wiser, and closer to the early bird special. May your special day be filled with discounts and cake!

Happy Birthday! Age is merely the number of years the world has been blessed with your presence. You’re practically a gift to humanity.

As you get older, three things happen: The memory goes, and I can’t remember the other two. Happy Birthday!

Don’t let aging get you down. It’s too hard to get back up! Have a laugh-filled birthday!

Congratulations on leveling up in the game of life! Just remember, with great age comes great responsibility… and naps.

Happy Birthday to someone who’s not old, just incredibly experienced at being young.

They say laughter is the best medicine, so here’s a prescription for a hilarious birthday. Side effects may include belly laughs and smile-induced wrinkles.

Today is the start that you will be off sugar for the rest of your life.

When you start wishing to have insurance, you know you are older.

Back then you were smart and lean now you are just old!

Wow, your candles outnumber even those grey hairs, I am amazed.

May you stop worrying about your health and just have fun today!

If you want a funny birthday, I will see to it that you finally get one.

You received tons of wishes yesterday but only I is here with you now!

I am glad you were born a long time ago, now you get stuck with me.

When age is all that you have in mind, it means you are getting older.

They say your mind is lost as you get older, is that the case as well?

You are only as old as you want yourself to be, but still older than I!

Those candles on your cake probably costs more than your cake, pity.

May you remember that you can start that mid-life crisis right now.

Your bday is a reminder to me that I am getting older too, too bad.

I swear after this 30th birthday of yours I would stop counting the years.

Happy bday to you now you can start that preparation for your gold year!

You know what, you should have a funny birthday that includes your children.

You are as old as that last selfie that you have taken today.

Sorry for not celebrating that bday with you but I was way too lazy.

Look at the bright side, you would never get to die too young.

Stop looking at your age, it will just make you feel all depressed today.

I wanted to send you a card but I forgot to mail it to you sorry!

You get another year in your birth certificate so have a funny birthday!

We get to count you as still the living for today so I am happy for you.

Your age is now greater than you followers on Twitter, congrats!

I am sending this to you on your email though you may never read it, enjoy today.

On this bday I am going to give you a million dollars, oops, that means nothing now.

I know you feel sad about your age, but hey the more the merrier, right?

Those handicapped stalls ought to be a great help to you, so enjoy today!

Happy funny birthday to the funniest member of the family, enjoy this big day.

May you celebrate a funny birthday today, you joker, we love you a lot.

No one else would tell you this but a real friend: you are old.

You look older today, do not argue with me and look at the mirror.

No one would have guessed your age, you look 50 when you are just 40!

Sending you something less embarrassing as respect for your age.

Live long enough to finish Detective Conan, so go ahead and enjoy life!

I know you love the circus but do try to behave!

Congrats, you are old enough to have a stationary bike.

We wish you all the best today and to have a really funny birthday!

May you be blessed with some sense of humor for your bday, we love you.

You are so old you do not even know how to use a smart phone, that is really sad.

Do not worry, on your bday, I will give you something special, enjoy it out too!

I will get you so intoxicated you will forget what age you are even in right now.

Happy funny birthday to the one that makes us all feel great.

You have reached an age where you can no longer claim to be at least 30.

You are irritating but I understand that you are only just 50 so I forgive you for that.

Congrats on achieving that old title for anything that you will ever do for today.

You are older and the rest of the world just have to deal with it, we know that.

I bet today is going to be a funny birthday for you so might as well just enjoy it.

This funny birthday ought to be a remarkable one so do it right!

A bday only comes once a year so here is a funny birthday surprise for you.

May you live old enough that everyone talks of you later on funny birthday!

A funny birthday is one where you need to just be yourself, enjoy your day.

We love you for all those corny jokes you gave us so happy bday to you!

Do not stress about being a whole lot older, just be happy you are alive.

I wanted to give you a present but I am so old I forgot!